Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
F27368 SWEET JOY OF GLENCOE Mare January 12, 2016 Roan Clydesdale
F27367 GLENCOE SWEET LADY LOIS Mare March 26, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F27377 SCHULER FARMS SPIRITS SOPHIA Mare November 15, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F27371 SCHULER FARMS JASMINE'S ACE Mare November 11, 2014 Black Clydesdale
F27378 SCHULER FARMS STRIKERS MAGGIE Mare December 17, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
M27376 SCHULER FARMS STRIKERS HERCULES Stallion March 13, 2016 Roan Clydesdale
F27375 SCHULER FARMS SOUTHERN BELLE Mare September 19, 2013 Bay Clydesdale
M27374 SCHULER FARMS STRIKERS THOR Stallion September 24, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F27373 SCHULER FARMS STRIKERS X-MAS ANGEL Mare December 05, 2012 Roan Clydesdale
F27372 SCHULER FARMS SILVERKING FANCY Mare December 08, 2011 Bay Clydesdale
G27370 GLENCOE ZANDER Gelding April 10, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
F27369 GLENCOE SWEET ADDISON Mare March 16, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
G27381 BELLEAU W.S. JEDI Gelding September 01, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
M27380 BELLEAU W.S. SHEA Stallion August 28, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
G27379 DOURA DELANEY 35366 CN Gelding May 10, 2013 Bay Clydesdale
F27365 GEORGE'S FIRE CRACKER DIVA 74143 CN Mare February 01, 2013 Bay Clydesdale
F72098(CN) STAN DORIS Mare March 10, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
M27385 STILL BROOKS KODY Stallion May 09, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
M27384 STILL BROOKS BRODY Stallion April 30, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
M27383 STONEHAVEN R. SCOTT HOOD Stallion April 29, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F27382 STONEHAVEN AGNES OF DUNBAR Mare April 18, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
M27388 OZARK'S ROYAL FIRE-ON-THE-MOUNTAIN Stallion February 26, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
G27389 C3 BLACKUN DECKER'S MARCUS Gelding April 23, 2016 Black Clydesdale
F27387 LA COULEE STONE MARIA 72804 CN Mare February 23, 2008 Bay Clydesdale
F71725(CN) WINDERMERE MARTINA Mare May 30, 2002 Bay Clydesdale