Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
M27410 SOUTH RIDGE GONE FISHING Stallion April 13, 2016 Roan Clydesdale
G27409 SOUTH RIDGE JIM SHOES Gelding April 28, 2016 Black Clydesdale
F27413 TGL'S SHAE MADELYN Mare October 12, 2011 Bay Clydesdale
BlF27412 SOUTH RIDGE PRETTY GIRL Mare April 22, 2016 Black Clydesdale
M27415 WILLOW WAY NASH 35407 CN Stallion May 31, 2013 Brown Clydesdale
M27414 CK SONNY 'S PERFECT SON Stallion January 30, 2013 Bay Clydesdale
27417 DENLYN'S JOE Stallion May 15, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F27419 DIAMOND L ARRIE Mare January 29, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F89081(GB) BRODIE OF SHIELHILL Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
M27418 DIAMOND L BATT Stallion February 14, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F27416 CHAR-LENE LATESHA Mare March 17, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
F27420 DOWNHILL HEATHER II 12022 GB Mare March 16, 2012 Bay Clydesdale
F5105(GB) GARLETON BETTY 05105 GB Mare February 07, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
F98036(GB) GARLETON DAISY Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F91997(GB) CARRISTON STARLIGHT Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F27422 P33 LUNA BELLA Mare March 17, 2017 Sorrel Clydesdale
M27421 VICTORY TROY Stallion June 04, 2016 Black Clydesdale
F27423 ST. SEVERIN JOY'S GLORIA Mare March 12, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
M27439 TOLL-GATE MARSHALL 35843 CN Stallion May 30, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
M27426 HEMROSE BARLEY Stallion April 05, 2016 Roan Clydesdale
M27444 SBC MICKEY'S LEGACY 35672 CN Stallion May 17, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
M27443 SBC I'M GOING TO JACKSON 35781 CN Stallion April 28, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F72208(CN) SCA TOP GUNS JENNA Mare March 04, 2006 Bay Clydesdale
G27442 CLYDESDALE CREEK'S ROYAL REX 35710 CN Gelding May 04, 2014 Bay Clydesdale
F72517(CN) CLYDESDALE CREEK'S MIA Mare April 05, 2006 Bay Clydesdale