Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
M27933 DURHAM MAGIC SNOWMAN Stallion January 16, 2018 Bay Clydesdale
F28163 DURHAM CAPTAIN VAL Mare February 14, 2013 Bay Clydesdale
F28020 TIMBERLINE MIA Mare May 22, 2015 Bay Clydesdale
F74161(CN) DURHAM CAPTAIN VAL Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F73235(CN) WILLOW WAY ELECTRA Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
M27999 TFW'S NOBLE LOKI OF OXFORD Stallion June 30, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
27998 TFW'S NOBLE PATRIOT OF OXFORD Stallion July 03, 2017 Bay Clydesdale
F28003 SOUTHRIDGE SWEET ANNIE* Mare May 20, 2018 Black Clydesdale
F28002 RIDGEVIEW'S LADY ALEXIS Mare April 22, 2018 Black Clydesdale
F28001 WILDWOOD HM DUCHESS 75016 CN Mare March 29, 2016 Bay Clydesdale
F70109(CN) WILDWOOD SHEA LYNN Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
M28000 RIDGEVIEW'S SIR WILSON Stallion May 01, 2018 Bay Clydesdale
F27997 BOULDER BLUFF BELLE II 74903 CN Mare June 11, 2014 Black Clydesdale
F27996 CEY'S PRINCESS 74879 CN Mare April 01, 2016 Black Clydesdale
M27995 CARNAFF SENSATION 35207 CN 25807 GB Stallion May 08, 2011 Bay Clydesdale
F74244(CN) DEW RIDGE QUEEN 3RD Mare NOF Black Clydesdale
F27944 TERRAGOLD MISS CONNOR 73843 CN Mare March 22, 2011 Black Clydesdale
F70884(CN) LAURENDA MISS PAISLEY Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F68840(CN) STE CROIX'S CLAUDEL LILY Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F93094(GB) PHESDO DIAMOND LIL Mare NOF Bay Clydesdale
F27992 BELL'S SUPERIOR LADY Mare March 06, 2018 Bay Clydesdale
F27991 BELL'S SUPERIOR BILLIE Mare April 03, 2018 Bay Clydesdale
F28166 SPLIT CREEK ICON'S GRACIE Mare January 04, 2018 Black Clydesdale
F28231 CEY'S BECKY 75321 CN Mare April 09, 2017 Black Clydesdale