Reg. # Name Sex Birth Date Color Breed
M19731 2S SHEA'S CHANCELOR Stallion April 02, 2001 Bay Clydesdale
F20592 2S SHEA'S CHARMING PERFECTION 71908 CN Mare March 26, 2002 Bay Clydesdale
M19356 2S SHEA'S COMMANDER COOPER Gelding April 19, 2000 Bay Clydesdale
M19355 2S SHEA'S COMMANDER KAVANAUGH Stallion January 26, 2000 Bay Clydesdale
M21564 2S SHEA'S DASHING JAC Stallion April 30, 2004 Bay Clydesdale
M21735 2S SHEA'S DICKENS Stallion February 08, 2004 Bay Clydesdale
F21566 2S SHEA'S DIXIANNA Mare April 12, 2004 Bay Clydesdale
G21565 2S SHEA'S DIXON OF DEVONSHIRE Gelding April 23, 2004 Bay Clydesdale
M22233 2S SHEA'S ELEMENT OF MEASURE Stallion January 12, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
G22232 2S SHEA'S ELVIS ESQUIRE Gelding April 23, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
F22234 2S SHEA'S EXCLUSIVE ETTA Mare March 04, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
F22235 2S SHEA'S FLOWERING EVE Mare March 14, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
F21067 2S SHEA'S HAYLEY Mare April 24, 2003 Bay Clydesdale
M21063 2S SHEA'S INSPECTOR BROMPTON Stallion January 02, 2003 Black Clydesdale
F19361 2S SHEA'S KEELEY Mare March 18, 2000 Bay Clydesdale
M20584 2S SHEA'S LAD MCANDREW Stallion May 08, 2002 Bay Clydesdale
F21066 2S SHEA'S LADY OF ABERDEEN Mare March 12, 2003 Bay Clydesdale
F20587 2S SHEA'S LADY SARAH Mare January 03, 2002 Bay Clydesdale
F22236 2S SHEA'S LIBBY-ECHO Mare February 11, 2005 Bay Clydesdale
G20591 2S SHEA'S MAGNIFICENT MAESTRO Gelding June 03, 2002 Bay Clydesdale
G21062 2S SHEA'S MASTER MCDUFF Gelding January 23, 2003 Bay Clydesdale
M20350 2S SHEA'S MASTER MCTAGGERT Stallion March 16, 2002 Bay Clydesdale
F21070 2S SHEA'S MCKENNA Mare March 07, 2003 Bay Clydesdale
F23460 2S SHEA'S MISS GINGER Mare February 07, 2007 Bay Clydesdale
F19742 2S SHEA'S PERFECT DESIGN Mare April 23, 2001 Sorrel Clydesdale